Penile ring: what it's for and how to use it!

Penile ring: what it's for and how to use it!


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How is the penis ring?

The penile ring is usually made of silicone and wraps around the penis at its base or, depending on the model, the penis and the testicle.

How to use the penile ring?

First of all, test the elasticity of the ring to make sure that it will not hurt you. The texture is also important. Most important of all is that the ring does not over tighten the penis to the point of causing pain or change in penile coloration, which may mean that the circulation is almost completely interrupted and this can be dangerous.

It is normal to feel some discomfort, but soon gets used to it. However, if there is pain, the toy should be removed. To avoid discomfort caused by the region, the physiotherapist indicates that they are trimmed.

Is there a maximum usage time?

Time can only be determined by who is using the accessory. If there is any discomfort or the coloration of the penis is altered, the penis ring may be removed.

How should we sanitize it?

Water and soap are sufficient to wash the penile ring, even those that contain internal vibrators. These should be removed after use and replaced before reuse. Erotic accessories are for personal use: never lend your erotic toys to others.

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