The secret of the female orgasm

The secret of the female orgasm


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However, over the years, many women have decided to start telling you what's going on with your body and your mind at the moment of orgasm.

Orgasms are a body experience, which includes rhythmic muscle contractions in and around the vagina, increased heart rate, arterial breathing, and other exciting things like chills or rosy skin. In fact, an orgasm activates almost every part of the brain, so it really can be mind-blowing!

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But what you really want to know is: How to achieve female orgasm? Right? This is the real secret that everyone wants to know!

We consider that to reach the climax it is necessary above all to know about preliminaries. And we believe that the orgasm that is had at 10:00 of the night began to be worked at least at 8:00 that morning. It is like? Easy. Just look at the following preliminaries:

1- Wake up happy

2- Divide the house chores

3- Share responsibilities

4- Exchange some spicy messages

5. Talk a lot and with respect.

6- Saying "I love you"

7- Kissing a lot

8- Being altruistic

9- Make all previous points with sincerity and commitment.

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After these preliminaries, we are sure that the night of love will lead the woman to madness. It will be an orgasm of body and soul, because only then will all the elements be tuned.

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