Welcome to the world of retardants, a perfect ally in the fight against premature ejaculation...

Welcome to the world of retardants, a perfect ally in the fight against premature ejaculation...


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  My Infinity Pleasure

Extase Sensuel E23602 Retarding Gel (30 ml)

A retardant and desensitizing cream, which can be used both to delay ejaculation and to slightly anesthetize the anus, helping with penetration during anal sex. With anise aroma and no flavor, this cream promises results in five minutes, applying it to the area to desensitize before sexual intercourse. Just apply a pea-sized amount of cream and gently massage the area. Compatible with condoms as long as the product is completely absorbed by the skin.

Golden Big Boy Erection Capsules 79607

Produced using hops, valerian root powder and ginseng, the dragees can be taken punctually or in three daily doses. To decrease the sensitivity of the penis, while alleviating the man's anxiety and arousal, prolonging the erection and the duration of sexual intercourse.


ViaGel for Man Manuela Crazy 3425

A high quality retardant to treat and prevent premature ejaculation, the gel reduces the sensitivity of the penis without causing any numbness effects. Simply apply to the glans and, after 15 to 20 seconds, spread gently. The effects are felt for two hours.

CoolMann E22572 Potency Direct Capsules for Men

A dietary supplement in capsules, help men to control their sexual performance and enjoy a more satisfying and lasting sexual relationship. To obtain these results just take two capsules a day. The results appear after five days of taking.

Manuela Crazy Ejaculation Retardant Spray 1397

It is a retardant spray that guarantees a 30% decrease in penile sensitivity. It is produced using exclusive natural actives, without xylocaine or lidocaine.

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