When sex has no age...

When sex has no age...


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In the 21st century, sex is seen as normal as drinking water, so the taboos associated with it fall at the rate at which society evolves.

And when we talk about sex in old age (IT), the truth is that we have been witnessing the fall of several myths. The elderly, the elderly, those who are over 65 today, view sex diametrically opposite to that of past generations.

All studies indicate this. According to data from the Pordata portal, in 2017 there were 153.2 elderly people in Portugal in every 100 young people, a proportion that has been increasing continuously since the 1960s. In an aging society, in which the average life expectancy rises in line with the increase in quality of life indices, it is natural that sexuality in old age is taken more seriously. Shall we get rid of prejudices?

sexo na terceira idade


At 65, most men are still in an active phase of their lives, with health and time to experience sexuality to its fullest. Andropause, which appears around the age of 50, can however lead to sexual problems, in addition to other health issues, such as decreased muscle mass and weight gain. Difficulties in achieving and / or maintaining a satisfactory erection, decreased sperm production and premature ejaculation are some of the sexual dysfunctions that men struggle with at this stage of life. In addition to frequent visits to the doctor, with specialty consultations, urology or even sexology, men can also use stimulants or gels to deal with the small obstacles to experiencing sexuality.

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Produced with natural actives that decrease penile sensitivity, decreasing the sensitivity of the glans up to 30%, it is indicated for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Just apply a reasonable amount to the penis and massage.

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Statistical data tell us that women live, on average, longer than men, so there are more women who are widowed or in better health than their partners. Thus, some of the problems they experience turn out to be the couple's problems. If men pay attention to the more mechanical part of sex, in the case of women, the importance at this age falls on erotic experiences, caresses and pampering. However, like andropause in men, menopause in women brings sexual pathologies, such as decreased libido, which is estimated to affect between 20% and 40% of senior women, in the third or even fourth age (a new concept that covers the population over 80), or the lack of lubrication.

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Odorless and tasteless, produced based on water, with neutral pH and compatible with the use for condoms, this gel ensures greater lubrication of the vagina, for more sexual pleasure.

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