No caso de não ficar satisfeito com um determinado produto, poderá sempre exercer o seu direito de livre resolução do contrato, no ato de receção da encomenda, e sem necessidade de indicar o motivo, efetuando a devolução do produto ao nosso transportador. O valor pago pelo produto ser-lhe-á restituído posteriormente.

Poderá igualmente exercer o seu direito através da Linha de Apoio ao Cliente - 252 099287 Chamada para a rede fixa nacional - e proceder à devolução do(s) produto(s) no prazo de 15 dias a contar da data de receção do(s) mesmo(s), desde que este(s) se encontre(m) no estado em que foi(ram) comprado(s) (incluindo a embalagem original completa e, se for o caso, acompanhado de todos os manuais e peças/acessórios que o constituem).

In accordance with the foregoing, the applicant accepts and makes use of the Right of Withdrawal as covered by current regulations.

What are the reasons for a return?

  1. If you wish to return the order within 15 days of its receipt.
  2. If the product is under warranty.
  3. If the product is defective.
  4. If the product received has damage caused by transportation.

How to process a return or manage a guarantee?





Go to "returns" and add the "returns" references by selecting the original order where it was purchased. Keep the complete product with its accessories and original packaging in a strong box  Send us the items to Dreamlove Poligono Industrial los paillos calle uno 3 After approval you will receive the refund in your wallet balance to use in your next order and if you wish you can send an email to:
Indicate the reason for the return. Print the label that you will see in the "Return" section (we do not accept returns with a label other than our format) from your user panel after it has been approved. The label will appear within 24 business hours after confirmation of return.
Click finish. Put the label on the outside of the box and seal it. requesting that the balance be transferred to your bank account.
Wait for it to be delivered before continuing with the next steps.

What are the reasons for a product to be returned?

The product is defective

It does not meet expectations


in wich case it would be a product covered by the guarantee. the product does not meet your expectations and you want to return it and be refunded. product damaged in transportation.

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What is the deadline for returns?

15 days If you have bought a product, received it but do not want it.

2 years if it is a product under warranty that does not work.

24 hours for transport damage.

How long does it take to refund the money?

The deadline for receiving an answer is from 1 to 5 working days, from the time the package arrives at our facilities.

How do I get my money back?

It is paid in coin balance, and you can later request to receive the amount by sending an email to

How do I return two or more items from the same or different orders?

Add items from different orders or the same order and manage a single return.

Are there items that cannot be returned?

Yes, there are some products that cannot be returned. Products without their original packaging, which have been opened or that do not have their original seal. Lingerie products may not be returned, we strictly follow health and safety regulations. Damaged or incomplete products may not be returned. Products not acquired in MyInfinityPleasure. For this reason all our products incorporate security mechanisms that let us know whether or not the product was acquired at MyInfinityPleasure.

Can I make a change?

No. For all products received, either as returns or under the guarantee the payment is first processed, and after receiving the amount in your balance you may arrange another purchase.

How can I manage returns from Ceuta, Canary Islands or Melilla?

For special taxation, to manage a return on your control panel and to process the return at your nearest post office once it has been accepted, send us a copy of the invoice where your tax data is clearly visible, and we will pay the shipping costs.

What is the time limit for a product guarantee?

The product warranty is 2 years for new items and 1 year for items on offer or purchased at the Outlet. Although it will depend on the policy of each manufacturer. The warranty starts from the invoice date. At MyInfinityPleasure we have a non-detectable warranty seal with a code assigned to the product that identifies the date of shipment, which must coincide with the information provided by you.


How long does it take to process a warranty claim?

The period for this process is generally from1 to 5 working days, however we always do our best to accelerate the process.


Do I have to keep the original packaging?

When dealing with personal hygiene articles, it is essential to send the article in its original packaging. The need to store the original packaging in order to process the warranty is clearly stated in your website and physical store conditions. Store the product in its original packaging and place that into another box. In this way it will be protected during transport. You also need to include all the accessories.


I received a package that was handled or which was bashed


On some occasions, very much to our regret, a package suffers damage during transport which affects the items inside. If you have found a damaged package or that has signs of having been handled and the products inside are affected, we will take care of it immediately here at MyInfinityPleasure.

We ask you to please manage the return by indicating "The product or order has arrived damaged/handled" as the reason and we will take care of everything.

Select the affected products by selecting the order for this incident and click "Return". From the possible reasons for your query, choose "the product or order has arrived damaged/handled" and complete the rest of the sections.

Keep in mind that a cardboard box could have been bashed, but the products inside it are in perfect condition. The reason for packaging is to protect the products, so you should open the box carefully and check if the contents are in perfect condition. If there is no physical damage, there is no reason to declare a transport incident.

We usually don't ask you for photographs of the state in which you received the package, but you can do so at any time if you believe this helps.

On the other hand, if there is no physical damage, but you find that some product is not working as it should, then this would be covered under the warranty as "The product or order has arrived damaged/handled".